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Making & Meeting Goals

We start by listening and documenting your goals, quailifications and project strengths. We then work to match them with the funding options to fit the unique criteria needs for each side of a successful transaction.  Candu Ventures works to identify the most favorable terms available to meet your objectives.

Reliable Funding Solutions

We are passionate about helping clients by eliminating the time consuming and frustrating process of navigating a maze  to find reasonable solutions to  financial challenges. We analyzing market trends, and reduce financial risk. Our goal is to safeguard the dreams you striving to achieve and the assets you have worked so hard to accumulate. Our proven strategies are designed to save you time and money.

About Us

Candu Ventures is a private lender and loan origination company that provides consulting services to help business owners and real estate investors navigate successfully through the fundraising process.


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Capital Consulting

1. Funding for business and real estate investment transactions.

2. Help with preparation and navigation of the capital and lending sectors followed by introductions to funding sources and investors world-wide.

3. We also quickly buy off-market

Real Estate in any condition.

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